Death and Rebirth (and Refunds)

Death and Rebirth (and Refunds)
Photo by Aakash Dhage / Unsplash

Hi folks.  As you've no doubt noticed, this site has been quiet for 2022.  I still very much believe in and want to pursue the work I was doing here, but this year has been about sorting out the mental health issues that were (among other things) making it extremely hard for me to actually finish articles. HELLAMETAMODERNISM (both the site and the concept) is not over, but I do not know the likely time or circumstances of its active reemergence.

For those of you who have been paid subscribers:  First of all, thank you for the support and show of interest!  I am sorry that I was unable to follow through as I had hoped.

If I had been a bit more together this year, I would have suspended the site while dealing with things, with January 2022 considered the last active month.  While I made two posts after that, one was basically announcing a panel, and the other was a political post that was bit off-brand for the site.  It went here because it seemed like it should at the time, but I might actually take it down (and since originally writing this, I have indeed done so).

Therefore I will be refunding all payments for February 2022 and later within the next week, and pro-rating refunds of annual payments from before that date.  This feels like the best course of action for my personal integrity, and is an appropriate "death" ritual to close this phase of the work and clear the way for the birth of the next phase.  To head off any concern, I'll note that since I have been focusing this year on resurrecting my tech career now that my mental health allows it, issuing the refunds will not incur financial hardship.

Since there's no option to suspend a paid account, I will be canceling the remaining paid subscriptions; you will continue to be a free subscriber.

If the card you used for your subscription is no longer active, I may not be able to refund you directly.  I will try to email you (or feel free to email "hmm" at this site) so that I can refund you via PayPal, Venmo, etc.  Also please feel free to email if you have not received your refund by the end of next week, or if you continue to be charged.

I hope that you will all stick around as free subscribers.  Tidying up this loose end frees me from some guilt around not having managed the subscriptions properly, and will make it easier for me to re-engage with this work and the related communities.  I miss the connections I made with all of you.  I'm starting to poke my head out a bit more, and as I stabilize my mental health and tech work, I hope to have more energy to participate in discussions again.

Thank you again for your interest and support.  HELLAMETAMODERNISM will reemerge, and I hope to discuss it with you all when it does!