Presentations and podcast appearances

2022-01-18 Hellametamodernism on Mutations

Audio version, with intro:

Audio version, with extra 15-minute intro by Jeremy discussing how the Initiation into Game~B film relates

Video version, without intro:

2021-12-30 Apricot Jam

2021-12-21 Riff on Stage Theory, Nora Bateson, & Graves/SD on Meta-Ideological Politics

2021-12-01 Clare Graves, Spiral Dynamics, & Stage Theory Critique on Metamodern Spirituality

2021-10-16 Clare W. Graves & the Ways of Being at Origins: A Cosmo-Local Gathering

2021-07-09 The Emergent Cyclical Theory Behind Spiral Dynamics at SDi Live

Group discussions

2021-11-17 What is Integral, in the most general and all-encompassing sense?