The Ways of Being at the 50th Annual Gebser Conference

The Ways of Being at the 50th Annual Gebser Conference
Gebser's structures of consciousness: Archaic, Magic, Mythic, Mental, Integral

Two weeks ago I gave a talk on Gravesian theory and the Ways of Being (which is what I'm currently calling the diagram stuff) at Jeremy Johnson's local chapter of the 50th annual conference of the Gebser Society.

The talk attempts a rather difficult balancing act of presenting enough Gravesian theory so that folks who are not familiar with it understand the context in which I am developing the Ways, while also presenting the Ways without getting too bogged down in existing theory (and the factional differences among it's various advocates).  And, of course, I still haven't quite figured out how I want to present the Ways, which is why its been so quiet on this site for the last month and a half.

I think I managed to at least get some of the gist of all of that across, and there's some Q&A at the end.  There's also some comedy in the form of the slides auto-advancing on me.  I have no idea how that got turned on — I didn't even know where the option was!  So that threw off my rhythm a bit but I did manage to bring the main part of the presentation in at 45 minutes, so I'm getting better at estimating overall time!

I am grateful to Jeremy and the conference for this opportunity to speak before an interested audience, as it is really helping me figure out how I want to present the Ways.  At this point I know better than to put a timeline on the next article, but I took a break from thinking about it for the past two weeks and I think that will help me go back and figure out what I want to say.

In the meantime, please enjoy this talk!  Feedback is welcome, although you'll probably have to find me on Facebook as I don't have email set up for this site yet.  You should be able to tag me in Jeremy's Mutations group (I don't follow groups automatically anymore, so while I do drop in at times, you'll want to tag me if you want to be sure I see it).